How to dramatically improve your skin health

We are always being told to look after our skin while we’re still young, but I find it isn’t until people reach their thirties that they really start to listen. It seems that women in their twenties are more than happy to invest time and money into their makeup but when it comes to looking after the skin underneath little to no effort is put in.

In the treatment room I spend the majority of my time working with clients trying to reverse the signs of neglect from their younger selves. A common thought I have is how amazing would it be if women prioritised looking after their skin when it has the most impact.

The reality is that most women believe this is too much hassle and will cost them a small fortune but that really isn’t the case. I guarantee making these two very easy changes will dramatically improve your skin health and help prevent the ageing process in the future.

1. Never sleep in your makeup!

Weather it’s the early hours of the morning after a drunken night or you just can’t be bothered, get rid of that bad habit! Sleeping in your makeup suffocates the skin leaving it clogged which causes congestion. It also decreases your skins ability to repair itself making it dehydrated and dull.

2. Wear sun protection everyday, yes seriously!

People often think I’m mad when I tell them I wear SPF on a day basis but I wouldn’t think twice about doing any other. If it’s light outside there is UV present, which is the biggest cause of ageing and pigmentation. No one wants to encourage those fine lines and wrinkles do they?

So ladies, please look after your skin! After all good skincare is the best foundation!